What is Sacral Chakra? All you Need to Know

You’ve heard the phrase “the body is a temple”, right? You may associate this with the restriction of excessive drinking, smoking or reducing general harm to your body. Our body carries us, enables us to live life to the full and experience the world around us.

Well, this saying is the founding of the seven chakras, the body being our physical vessel and the spiritual binding with this to form chakras – seven places in our body that represent a part of our being. Running along the spine, these are high energy spots that depict spinning wheels of energy, responsible for our well-being.

Originating to the time of Sanskrit in India around 1500 BC, there are said to be as many as 114 spinning wheels of energy found all over the body. The ‘main’ 7 however, represent the key areas which if unlocked and focused into, can awaken your true self. This philosophy was passed from Eastern parts of the world, finding itself in the Western hemisphere through an oral tradition owning to Indo-Europeans called the Aryan people.

The Sacral Chakra is part of these main seven chakras, located at the bottom of the spine close to the lower abdomen. And because of this positioning, it’s said that the Sacral Chakra stimulates pleasure. It actively engages in the expression of our sexual desires and needs. Also being the centre of our emotions, it’s the heart of how we express our feelings – outwards and within ourselves.

Between these, there are two other fundamental rituals concerning the Sacral Chakra – while pleasure is found to centre around sexuality, it also translates into other forms. The first being creativity and a lust for life. Finding enjoyment in every day is a fundamental part of healing yourself – having fun in life itself is a healing practice. The second form is embracing sensuality. Here, our senses need to be untapped for us to establish our own natural human sexuality.

Its name in Sanskrit means “dwelling place of the self”, which represents the fluidity and versatility of the water element. And like water, if your Sacral Chakra is not seamlessly flowing and is unbalanced, you could see a rise in the physical and meta-physical vices that cause this imbalance. When not aligned, an individual could become deviant and prone to addictions and compulsive behaviours. One could also find themselves infertile, suffering from impotence and see menstrual issues arise.

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How to Release your Sacral Chakra

Your Sacral Chakra balance relies on a sense of self – being connected to all your senses and appreciating the world around you. Self-awareness plays a huge part in connecting with these and releasing your Sacral Chakra to aid positivity.

Enforcing the ideal of a positive and whole self is what can in time release the full power of the Sacral Chakra. Repeating daily affirmations has been proven to awaken a true sense of self – encouraging a positive mindset will shift negative thinking and put more power in our self-integrity. We essentially keep a narrative about ourselves to make us readable to ourselves, allowing ourselves to emphasise the good and remove the bad energy we hold.

To put power in your daily affirmation, try these:

“I am confident in myself and I am enough”

“I deserve to have my needs met”

“I am ready for positive change and to start a new personal journey”

“I am feeling fulfilled in discovering myself”

Second to this ritual, dance like no one’s watching. Put on your favourite playlist and dance to the rhythm. Moving your body – particularly your hips and lower body – can bring energy and circulation to better power your Sacral Chakra. The physical benefits are obvious but dancing unaware of your surroundings reignites your enjoyment and increases the flow of energy through to the chakra.

Similar to dancing, yoga is brilliant for reigniting and stimulating your Sacral Chakra. These are all around benefiting the body, creating a space of openness and creativity that enhances your emotions and provides sexual healing.

Meditation is a more centralised way to find your Sacral Chakra – unblocking your energy source at the naval, visualisation and verbal meditation is beneficial as it adapts typical meditation for the lower abdominal and unlocking a newfound energy source here.

Foods to Enrich your Sacral Chakra

To reiterate the phrase “your body is a temple”, each Chakra responds to the food you put into your body and the diet you have. Healthy eating is good for keeping fit but also to keep your chakra alight. For your Sacral Chakra, you need to centre around your gut – your digestive system is by your lower back and abdominal, so to fuel this energy it’s essential to find a diet that heals this area of your body.

Oranges are also the colour of the Sacral Chakra, so it’s no surprise that oranges are best placed to heal. Oranges bring back balance to your Sacral energy, along with seeds, coconuts and broths. All these are extremely calming antioxidants that neutralise any negative effects of a poor diet.

Sacral Chakra Yoga Positions to Rebalance

Yoga complements your Sacral Chakra healing perfectly. Winding your body down to feel every movement and feeling is what’s needed to make the final realignments to power your chakra. Dvipada Pitham is especially useful for your Sacral Chakra – this yoga pose involves lying on your back while putting your arms over your head and lifting your hips off the ground. You’re supporting the weight of your body in your shoulders.

The goal of healing your Sacral Chakra is to bring your spiritual and physical self together to harmonise. The stronger the harmony between the two, the healthier your presence will be. And the healthier your presence, the happier you’ll become. Understanding how to heal this will reduce your depression, fatigue and enhance your emotional stability and sensual pleasure.