4 Amazing Health Benefits of Yoga

Today we explore 4 amazing health benefits of yoga. Yoga brings peace to the body and calmness to the soul. it is a mindful soul center for well being. The word yoga translates to “union” or “attachment”. It evokes a sense of joy and serenity that enables the body and the mind to work in unison. It encourages the physical and mental well being of the practitioner and generates a sense of disciple and routine. 

Yoga has been in practice since the pre-Vedic times and has been mentioned in various schools of teaching and philosophical traditions. It creates self-awareness and the ultimate motive of yoga is to provide liberation of the body from all worldly matters. 

To understand more about the benefits and advantages of yoga and why it is in so much demand and popularity, all across the globe, let us look at some of the importance and health benefits of yoga: 

Importance and Health Benefits of Yoga

  • It helps in strengthing the muscles. Strong muscles facilitate the body and its ability to take up physical and laborious work. A person with a strong set of muscles would be able to take up intensive workload upon itself, without feeling exhausted. It also reduces the risk of getting injures, having a sore muscle, and enhances the composition of the body. It prevents the loss of lean muscle mass that is evident to come with age and time. 
  • Prevention of arthritis, cartilage breakdown, and joint breakdown can be procured through constant yoga regimes. The joints undergo full motion and movement due to which it becomes less stiff and the risk of injuring it or wounding it, in the long run, is reduced. Inflammation of the cartilage and the joint can also be reduced to a substantial rate. It is important for the joints to undergo regular movement and avoid immobility so that it stays stronger and healthier. 
  • Good blood circulation is maintained throughout the body. This allows for the oxygen to be carried to the essential organs of the body, ensuring the proper functioning of the heart, the lungs, and other muscles and bones. A well-balanced asana posture also mitigates the risk of harming or breaking the spine and keeps the posture of the body intact. Anapana yoga and Samasthiti ensure that the bones of the body are in constant motion, never stay stiff, and wards off bone-related deformities. 
  • The contraction and the movement of the muscles and every part of the body make the immune system stronger by increasing the rate of the drainage of the immune cells, also known as lymph. The nourishing and the reinforcement of the immune system enable it to fight off any external infections, pathogens, viruses, or bacteria. 


Other than the above-mentioned benefits, yoga is a great way to lower blood pressure, keep the heart rate in the proper range and sync, lower the risk of diabetes, reduce anxiety, depression, stress, low spirits, and other mental illnesses, relaxes each and every body part, strengthens the nervous system, helps in boosting up memory and concentration power, and generally contributes towards the overall well-being of the person.