A Yoga Practice Schedule

A major contributing factor towards the immense growth and acclamation of yoga is the fact that when it comes to committing to a yoga practice schedule, persistence and dedication towards the art prevails over the time period invested on a daily purpose, in pulling it off. It is more about how much diligence one pays into it, how consistent they are with their practice, how focused their senses are, how much vitality it is bringing to their lives, over trivial matters like how long it is done for and where it is done. 

Location and time period can be important for certain kinds of yoga which are done at a more professional level, but for beginners, a starving to continue with the practice is essential, which can only be achieved by the practitioners that start slow and gradually pick up the pace. 

A definite yoga practice schedule cannot be formed as it is based on factors like the time one has on their hand, how busy and fast-paced their life is, what kind of yoga they have chosen for themselves, the goals they have, and many other such factors. 

However, there are certain essential pointers that must be kept into consideration while making yoga practice schedule: 

  • Start slow. Anywhere from practicing 2 to 3 days per week is the most recommended approach. 
  • Have rest days. The muscles, the bones, the limbs, the mind, everything needs a break. Endurance will be built only with proper recovery days. 
  • Start practicing for 4 to 5 days after at least a month into consistent yoga. 
  • Proper hydration and good nutrition to the body are equally important. 
  • Research. Yoga. Rest. Research. There is too much information to grasp in too little a time so thorough and congruous research in relation to the practice is important at all times. 
  • Do not give up. Testing times may come up but it is important to fight them off to bear the fruits of the labor and hard work. 
  • Friends and family can be invited over to have a social session, full of support, and positive affirmations. 
  • For people willing to join yoga classes, the timings should fit into their routine for which it is important to start searching for classes a month prior to beginning with yoga. 

Must-Have Yoga Essential

To execute a fruitful yoga practice schedule, it is imperative to get hold of the right tools and accessories that help in elevating the yoga game. Here is a list of some of the most important items one must add to their trunk of yoga essential: 

  1. Yoga Bag

A large yoga bag, with adequate space, enough to accommodate the essential yoga items in very important. Yoga bags are required not only for storing purpose, but it also acts as a conveyor of the items from one place to another. An ergonomically designed yoga bag that can hold up all the accessories and gears and can be carried around easily should be purchased. 

ELENTURE Full-Zip Exercise Yoga Mat Carry Bag

  • It is made out of 100% high-quality fabric
  • It comes with compartments to store other yoga gears and accessories. 
  • It can fit standard-sized yoga mats. 

Uhawi Yoga Mat Bag

  • A big-sized, tote bag, big enough to store multiple items at once. 
  • The material of the bag is sturdy and does not tear off. 
  • The bag can easily accommodate mats, blocks, belts, and more. 
  1. Yoga Clothes

Wearing the right and ideal yoga clothes are extremely important to the art. It not only provides sufficient room for unobstructed movement, but also facilitates the proper movement and stretching of the muscles, which is an integral part of yoga. Correct yoga clothes will also prevent the practitioner from minute injuries that may be caused otherwise. A well-fitted pair of yoga clothes should be bought that are comfortable and also pocket-friendly. 

Rymora Non-Slip Grip Socks

  • They come in a pair and are available in three exciting color options. 
  • The soles are cushioned to provide the utmost comfort while performing yoga. 
  • They are made out of 80% cotton, 12% polyamide, 3% elastane, and 5% PVC. 

IUGA High Waist Yoga Pants

  • These stretchy, comfortable, and flexible pair of pant can be grabbed in some amazing color options. 
  • They are high-waisted, to provide control over the tummy. 
  • The material of the pants helps in the absorption of sweat produced while working out.
  1. Essential Oils

Yoga is largely based upon the clarity of thought, the connection of the mind with the universe, the opening of the senses, and the purification of the soul. Essential oils act as a foundation as well as a reinforcer for carrying out all the important aspects of yoga. It enhances the whole experience of yoga and also provides stability and composure. 

Elixir By Bita 7 Chakras Essential Oils Set

  • It comes with 7 essential oil blends, each used to cater to a specific requirement. 
  • These oils can be used for aromatherapy and while meditating 
  • They can be used as diffusers to improve the quality of sleep. 

Zen Blend Essential Oil

  • A highly concentrated form of essential oil that is effective and lasts for a long time. 
  • They are made out of natural processes, without any enhancers. 
  • Forms therapeutic relief to the yogis and users of the oils. 
  1. Yoga Strap

In yoga, it is importance to maintain balance and co-ordination which is achieved in a much effective manner, through certain forms of accessories. Yoga strap being one of them is used for the purpose of carrying out stretching exercises and furthering the balanced motion of the body. They help by making the body flexible and sustains the yoga postures and asanas for a longer period of time. 

Tumaz Yoga Strap

  • They are non-elastic bands that provide ample stability while doing asanas, 
  • The bands are extra thick and do not wear off even after prolonged usage. 
  • The grips provide a comfortable grip and are easy to access. 

UpCircleSeven Aerial Yoga Swing Set

  • The professional design of these bands makes it suitable for both beginners and professionals. 
  • The handles are made out of thick foam and ensures proper safety of the user. 
  • They can be used for a variety of applications. 
  1. Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks are made out of multiple different kinds of products, with the main purpose of enhancing a yoga pose. They are designed in a manner to support any kind of easy or complex pose while balancing the head and other parts of the body. They are very stable pieces of tools that help in elevating the yoga asanas and positions.  

URBNFit Yoga Block

  • The edges are beveled so that it can provide enough comfort and stability. 
  • They are available in two color options, pink and teal.
  • They are made out of EVA foam, which is recyclable and non-toxic.

Solofit Yoga Blocks

  • These blocks come with yoga straps at an amazing deal. 
  • They help in forming the right posture and correct alignment of the body. 
  • The blocks are easy to clean and maintain. 
  1. Yoga Mat

Probably the most vital piece of gear required to pull off a good yoga schedule, a yoga mat is used as a slip-resistance tool that are kept on the surfaces for the practitioners to practice their yoga asanas on. They work as a form of cushion to keep the body safe from any sort of injury or harm that may be a result of slipping. 


  • They can be used to practice any form of yoga and are slip-resistant. 
  • The material of the mat is sturdy and light enough to carry around. 
  • They are made out of TPE friendly material. 

Gaiam Yoga Mat

  • These mats are available in some amazing and diverse color and design options. 
  • The mats are lightweight but are of top-grade quality. 
  • They help in forming tethered and secured grip. 
  1. Yoga Bolsters

Yoga bolsters are made for protecting certain important parts of the body that includes the stomach, the back, the chest, and the hamstrings. Proper alignment is imperative when it comes to yoga and the bolsters ensure that. They are mostly used while doing breathing exercises or forms of yoga that are slow-paced. 

Yoga bolsters are made for protecting certain important parts of the body that includes the stomach, the back, the chest, and the hamstrings. Proper alignment is imperative when it comes to yoga and the bolsters ensure that. They are mostly used while doing breathing exercises or forms of yoga that are slow-paced. 

Bean Products Yoga Bolsters

  • These bolsters help in maintaining posture while doing restorative forms of yoga.
  • They are made out of organic material, without any chemicals. 
  • They can be placed under the knee during savasana poses. 

Florensi Meditation Cushion

  • The cover is removable and is made out of a soft, velvet material. 
  • The cushions are filled with buckwheat hulls.
  • This cushion can also be used to sit on. 


It becomes a matter of only a few days of consistent hard work and perseverance when yoga becomes a habit. It is a form of art that can be easily adapted to one’s lifestyle. Being an important skill, it is important to give it enough time so that it can nurture and develop organically. 

Practicing yoga in a haste can lead to physical imbalances, injuries and efforts can go into vain. For effective results and for being able to inculcate yoga as a form of lifestyle, perfect arrangement, and a comprehensive schedule according to the demands of the body, the needs of the soul, and the requirements of the mind is incredibly important.