Books On How To Be Less Selfish

There’s a very fine line between self-love and being selfish. Lack of empathy and consideration for others can often make a person come off as selfish and egocentric. To overcome it, here are a list of books on how to be less selfish. 

It is not something that happens overnight. It is important to evaluate oneself and learn how to be less selfish. 

A great way to do it is by reading books on how to be less selfish, which works as a guiding force towards living a selfless and altruistic life. 

Best Books On How To Be Less Selfish

  1. Conversations with Friends 

This book revolves around the idea of self-acceptance and finding oneself through the eyes of love and friendship. This is a refreshing book for people wanting to look at life from a perspective, different than theirs and discover what reality actually looks like. 

Author: Sally Rooney

  1. Your Life Isn’t for You: A Selfish Person’s Guide to Being Selfless

A guide for selfish people to turn their life into selflessness. With a dash of humor and compassion, this book covers the journey of the author from a life of self-obsession to that of a compassionate and generous one. 

Author: Seth Adam Smith

  1. Why Genes Are Not Selfish and People Are Nice: A Challenge to the Dangerous Ideas that Dominate our Lives

This book is recommended for anyone who is on the cusp of giving up when they want to improve themselves as a person. This book gives them determination to challenge themselves to improve and live a life devoid of self-destruction. 

Author: Colin Tudge

  1. The Art Of Saying NO

People usually tend to adopt a selfish personality out of being taken advantage of time and again. This book helps them to strengthen themselves to deal with people, instill confidence in themselves, and live a life of poise and grace. 

Author: Damon Zahariades

  1. Selfish People

This book gives the opportunity to the people to see themselves and live through the eyes of the others who find them selfish. They learn about their personalities and how they may have an unpleasant effect on others and helps them to take control of their well-being

Author: Carla Loving


The way to come beyond selfishness is through the path of empathy and love and sensitivity towards others. When one starts showing love to others, a little more than themselves, they are able to come out of their bubble of selfishness and survive in the world of togetherness and affection.