Going From 3D to 5D – The 5D Consciousness Shift

Consciousness is the physical manifestation of being. Spiritually speaking, consciousness is considered something generally metaphysical because it cannot be held or touched, or seen. It is a state of being known for now to only exist in humans and not in any other species. While animals and other beings show signs of consciousness, it is still unlikely to portray them in the same way a human does. This article talks about what a 5D consciousness is and what a consciousness shift inherently is.

What is a 5D Consciousness?

To first understand what a 5D Consciousness is, one must understand the different levels of consciousness. At the same time, consciousness is still labeled as being confined to one particular trait. That is not inherently true. One must understand that reality is extremely abstract and cannot be fathomed quickly.

Each dimension itself puts you at a wider perspective of reality itself. There is no real hierarchy or clear ‘what’s better’ in terms of consciousness. All of them offer a different perspective, with all of them serving another purpose in terms of what you are doing currently. To understand how you can experience a 5D consciousness shift, one must understand the differences between each consciousness itself.

The Third Dimension (3D):

The most common dimension. It is the physical reality that works with the living to initiate acts such as karma. 3D is mainly considered the physical realm, meant for our consciousness with things’ physical nature. This realm is quite different than 4D and 5D, which do not rely on physicality whatsoever.

In the third dimension, one can fix their problems only by understanding and working through them. This dimension uses karma the most and gives us great suffering and pleasure at the same time. Most experience awakening in terms of spirituality by experiencing the immense amount of pain from 3D and then resonating with a 5D consciousness shift. In simple terms, 3D mainly acts as a catalyst that jumps fires you into the new realm.

This physical realm is where the metaphysical and the physical interaction. Everything that has been forgotten by us in our past lives now arrives. While this realm may feel hopeless and hard to deal with at times, one must appreciate the subtlety and novelty of being in 3D as it pushes you into your next major jump.

The Fourth Dimension (4D):

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The fourth dimension is in the middle of the second and third dimensions. It is a great way for you to understand if you are going to make the next shift. In 4D, one starts understanding the concept of space and time, and their sense of linear fashion expands quite a bit.

Understanding how to bend space-time helps your ideas turn into reality. You stop the following reality, but you start understanding how to change your intentions and emotions around them, helping you feel how events are occurring around you.

Your dreams instantly turn extremely beautiful and vivid while you start experiencing everything synchronizing around you. The very real intricacies and complications of life start fading life. You start moving towards your final ascension, wherein you are completely one with time and everyone else around you.

You may experience some physical symptoms that are related to the new change. Do not worry as these turn you into a new being, clearing up all the negative energy in your body.

The Fifth Dimension (5D):

The fifth dimension can be perceived as one where people attain a higher state of being and leave behind everyone who did not. A 5D consciousness does not think about the physicality or duality or matter but rather talks and understands things happening to connect itself with its ultimate purpose.

Rather than relying on a physical location, 5D is all about being one with everything and all living beings being there are the same time. The fifth dimension is understanding and feeling yourself living at every moment at the same time while understanding and remembering everything that you might have forgotten every time.

How to Experience a 3D to 5D Consciousness Shift?

Sometimes you might be focused on Earthly duties and how you can handle while sometimes, you might enter into a dream-like state. You should not be living in 5D at every moment but should rather find time for yourself to experience it every day. You should maintain a balance between both.

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In any case, to experience it, you must start meditating every day so that there is some lucidity brought into life. Do not confine your period of meditation but rather let it happen naturally. You will then be able to transcend into a matter of state where you can understand people’s thoughts and emotions without even talking to them.

Everything around you would feel synchronized. You will become much more mindful and aware of things happening around you in your day to day tasks, whether eating, sleeping, and drinking. You gradually get deeper into this new state of being, transcending yourself from one point to another until you finally embody yourself into the final state of being wherein you become one with yourself and eventually shift from 3D to 5D.


Suppose you have been experiencing some sort of shift in your personality lately, especially if you have been meditating. In that case, there is a high chance that you are experiencing a 3D to 5D consciousness shift. In any case, if you experience any physical symptoms, consider it as a part of your process to ascension. As you move on further, you will start experiencing time and space in a very different manner and not in a linear fashion like normal.

The advantage of having an ascended state of consciousness is that you can live in the 3D world in a much better manner as well.