How Long Should You Meditate a Day

There are many articles and pieces over the internet which cover the topic of how to meditate. However, one important yet unspoken subject-matter is on “how long should you meditate”, which has been covered in this article.

Meditation is the way to live a calmer, peaceful, and serene life. It provides a sense of relief and comfort both mentally and physically. It furthers you to live a life devoid of misery and hardships.

More than a habit, it should be considered as a necessity of life. It provides clarity, improves the attention span, builds up a strong immunity, connects the person to itself and the realms of the outside world, helps the brain to grow, reduces aging, and provides overall mental, physical and spiritual tranquility. 

How Long Should You Meditate

When we talk about the fundamentals of mediation and how it plays a key role in sculpting a life full of prosperity, and comfort, it is important to also talk about how long should you meditate a day to live a suitable life. 

  • If you are making an effort to instill something as important as mediation to your daily life, it is absolutely fine to start with baby steps. The more important factor over here is to take out at least some time a day to have an effectual and constructive meditation session, which can drive your body to bear significant positive results. 
  • The best way is to start small, and then progress, build-up, and increase your time gradually over days. 
  • You can begin with meditation 5 minutes a day and then expand the time every day by 5 to 10 minutes until you start meditating properly for a minimum of 60 minutes. 
  • It is important to schedule a time period, which is achievable, without having to put any other of your essential work at a compromise. 
  • More than the time, it is about making the most out of the sessions. It is about doing it in the correct manner, following the right technique, and enjoying it. 

Meditation trains the mind to righteousness and spirituality. While meditating, it is important to clear the mind off of all negativity and focus on a single point. Your body should be in a steady position, having formed the correct posture and the main emphasis should be given to the way you inhale and exhale. You should be aware of your body and pay attention to each and every nerve and bone and movement of the body with every breath you take. 

Your surroundings should be peaceful, there should not be any form of intervention while you meditate and the whole process should come naturally to you. 


It is not about how much time you are putting into your meditation sessions, but it is more about how much significant benefits are you getting out of it. The duration does not matter as long as the sessions captivate your full attention and you thoroughly enjoy and benefit out of your little moment of solitude and calm.