How Long Should You Meditate

The debate pertaining to “How Long Should You Meditate” is completely subjective. Different people have different physical and mental capacities and needs and therefore the duration for their meditation also differs. 

For a beginner, even meditating for 5 to 10 minutes per day can show effective results. Whereas for anyone who has been persistently meditating for a few years, even an hour-long meditation seems less. 

When it comes to meditation, the more important area of discussion is how effective the meditation sessions are. How much patience, vigor, diligence, and conscientiousness were put into achieving the desired goals are the more important questions one must ask themselves. 

 The main motive of meditating is to bring the body and the mind to a calm and composed state, where it is devoid of any sort of negative thoughts, concerns, or tension. The most common obstacle faced while trying to inculcate meditation into the daily routines is the time factor. People have busy and hectic schedules, which makes it difficult for them to make out some time for themselves and treat themselves through meditating. 

Meditation improves the mental capabilities of a human being. It boosts their memory, increases their focus, concentration, and attentiveness, keeps their mind clean of pessimistic thoughts, nourishes the brain, regulates irregular sleeping pattern, mitigates the risk of depression, anxiety, stress or tension, increases the flow of blood, manages the breathing cycle and overall maintains the well-being of the meditator. 

How Long Should You Meditate for Effective Results 

For a newbie trying to include meditation in their daily lifestyle, it is recommended to them to start with a small duration of 5 minutes. They can practice meditating for 5 minutes for 2-3 days and then add 5 minutes to every corresponding day until they manage to reach a comfortable stage of at least 60 minutes. It is important to pay heaps of attention to how one meditates, the posture they attain while meditating, the way they connect with their soul, how aware they become of their bodies, each and every muscle contraction, every single breath inhaled and exhaled. 

The basic idea is to gain momentum while at it. Meditating at least once a day should be enough to achieve significant results in the body and the mind. People can take up different activities that they feel comfortable doing and while instills a sense of meditation, calmness, and composure in them. Along with regular and disciplined meditation, it is also important to provide fuel to the body in the form of healthy and sustainable food. 


A meditation session can be concluded successfully on the day it brings peace and patience to the mind. The experience should be able to set a happy and positive tone for the day while enabling the person to experience happiness and satisfaction in the smallest of victories and achievements.