How to Give Off Feminine Energy

Century-old traditions and norms bearing on a patriarchal society where the majority of authority and priveledges have always been accorded to men over women have birthed the ideologies and ideals of feminism. To break the social, political, economical, and political barriers between men and women, it is important for each and every person to learn how to give off feminine energy. 

Enough substantial pieces of evidence and documentation of experiences of different women have portrayed how women have always bore the brunt of society. They have been considered the weaker gender, not only in terms of their physical capabilities but also when it comes to their mental capacity. 

Various restrictions have been put on them which curbs them of their opportunities, rights to survive, and voicing their opinions. It is only out of the result of toxic masculinity prevailing in our society that makes the women vulnerable to gruesome acts of rape, sexual harassment, human trafficking, and more. 

How To Give Off Feminine Energy

In order to put an end to all of this, it is important for a person to assert their feminism and learn how to give off feminine energy. Some useful tips have been given below: 

  • Wear your confidence on your sleeves. Never let anybody tell you how to dress, speak, walk, act, or live. Do what the heart desires. But, make sure you don’t end up harming innocent people along the way. If you feel like living a certain way or dressing up a certain way, do it. Don’t let the opinions of others overshadow the love for yourself. 
  • If you’re a woman, learn about your rights. Affirm your feminism. Talk more about it. Tell more people about why they need to be a feminist and why feminism is the need of the hour. Hold up rallies. Make social groups. More people you aware, the bigger the circle and hope for feminism get. 
  • If you are a man, understand the essence of feminism. Don’t confuse it with male-bashing. Consider the women around you as one of you. If you are sensible enough to strongly believe in the principles of feminism, educate the people around you. Break their myths and tell them why feminism is essential for a happier and co-operative society. 
  • Ascertain the importance of education for a girl child. If you are well healed, sponsor a girl child for their education. Be an advocate of feminism. Talk about the banes of unequal pay and gender discrimination women tend to experience at workplaces. Help and support women to live a life full of dignity and integrity. 


Women’s empowerment is healthy, required, and important for an established and well-functioning society to prevail.

Feminism is synonymous with freedom. It teaches us to make up for the unfair treatment women have been facing in different spheres of their life, time, and again. It is not about hating the men, but about equal opportunities and equal respect to all the genders, at every level of life.

It is high time that women are stopped being judged on the basis of the length of their skirt or the color of their skin. The faster these oppressive views unfasten, the better for a prosperous world.