Laws of Spirituality

There are many laws of spirituality existing in the universe that can deeply impact and influence a person’s life. These laws signify how everything is inter-related and inter-connected to each other and that encountering either can make the body, the mind, and the human soul undergo a transformation. 

This article contains a compilation of some of the most influential, and cardinal laws existing in the universe. 

Important Laws of Spirituality 

  1. Law of Attraction

The law of attraction in simple terms states that whatever one focuses on, they have the potential to attract. It can be anything one desires. If one aspires to be positive, have good thoughts, are clear about their goals, and imagine themselves in a good, prospering position, they have the ability to attract it all for themselves as long as they have a positive approach towards it. Similarly, if their thoughts and beliefs are negative, they are bound to attract negativity. 

  1. Law of Cause and Effect

Like every action has a definite reaction, every cause has an effect and every effect has a cause. Just like in the physical facet of the world, every person is bound to receive a reaction for whatever action they undertake, in the spiritual aspect, they are bound to manifest an equal effect for every cause they implement and vice-versa. Whatever may be the nature of the cause practiced, the counter effect to it shall always be of the same magnitude. 

  1. Law of Relativity

This law states that whatever exists in this universe, has a different relative relation with other objects. If a situation looks superlative, top-notch, and of the utmost excellence, there is always something better to be found or explored. Similarly, no matter how bad a situation may be perceived as, it may be considered positive in relation to some other situation which is in a worse position. Hence, proving that everything has some sort of relationship between each other, at some point in time. 

  1. Law of Oneness 

The main idea or and objective of this law is to theorize how every single atom, body, or thing that is in existence, has some form of association and interconnection with each other. Along with being connected, things directly influence each other, guide each other, and are affected in some way or the other. Since everything is connected, the narrative about a sense of oneness existing amongst us holds true. 


Experiencing the different laws of spirituality enables the person to form a connection with themselves, become more self-aware, and also become considerate of their surroundings. The year to fulfill the deepest of desires, aspirations, and fantasies get a chance to be fulfilled and accomplished by pondering over the different spiritual laws.