Morning Meditation

A good morning meditation session, under the sun, while listening to the chirping of the birds, can do wonders for the human body, both physically and mentally. Various studies have time and again proved how incorporating something as essential as meditation can have a highly positive impact on the body. 

Meditation holds the same relation with the brain, what exercise holds for the body. In order to see the brain and soul transform into a better version, mediation is the answer. 

Morning meditation has several notable and significant advantages to it. The best part about morning meditation is that it helps in setting a positive and optimistic tone for the day. The duration of the meditation session does not matter as long as it is practiced in the correct manner, with full maximum potential and concentration. 

The morning meditation can be as short as 5 minutes to as long as an hour. What truly matters is how diligently it has been practiced and how much effort has been put into it to yield maximum benefit out of it. 

Benefits of Morning Meditation

Meditation can help in instilling many positive traits in a person. Some of the many benefits of morning meditation are as follows: 

  • It aids in weight loss. It motivates the meditator to indulge in mindful eating, be considerate of the body it has been gifted with, and have an effective eating habit that can have an impactful and positive result on the body. Right eating also helps the person to stay energized, feel light, mitigate the risk of bloating, and feel confident in their bodies. 
  • Morning meditation means that the mind is clear and void of any bleak and negative thoughts. The mind is rested, alert, and full of vigor. This can help the meditator to have a more focused perspective when it comes to going about the day. It helps them to set their priorities right and also enables them to survive under any kind of stress that the day may have to offer. 
  • Meditation is a great tool to uplift a bad mood and steer clear the mind of any musty thoughts. It helps in keeping extreme mood swings like aggression, short temperament, and constant irritability under control. It helps in keeping a healthy environment at the workplace, reduces the risk of mental irregularities such as depression, stress, and anxiety. 
  • A lot of self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-love can be attained through mediation. It is vital to segregate some time for the mental well-being, at least once, throughout the day. It can improve the decision-making skills of a person, encourage them to have healthy and stable relationships with the people they love, and helps to change their life for the better. 


Anyone who commits to having a pleasant morning meditation session, right after waking up, can be assured of encountering positive results in the days, months, and years to come. Their body automatically becomes adaptive to all things constructive and optimistic and they transform into an excelling and progressive version of themselves. For more on meditation, check out Juliette shares a wonderful article on how you can use meditation as a tool for manifesting your desires and dreams.