Pressure Points for Lower Back Pain

There are certain pressure points for lower back pain accessible that help in easing bodily pain and mitigate any form of discomfort that may be felt, particularly in the lower back region. 

Having its origin from the sphere of Chinese medicine, the technique of acupressure has proven to have shown significant and impressive results. Acupressure has natural healing properties to it which makes dealing with something as common as lower back pain, easier, convenient, practical, and definitely affordable. 

Lower back pain is highly common amongst people. They can occur due to muscle contractions, sprains, injuries due to sudden movements, strains due to lifting heavy weights, sitting in an uncomfortable position for long hours, or due to general poor body mechanics. 

In this article, we have articulated and mentioned some of the most effective, tried, and tested pressure points for lower back pain. 

Pressure Points for Lower Back Pains 

  1. Stomach 

Applying pressure on the stomach muscles can help in alleviating lower back pain. The point where pressure needs to be exerted is known as the “Sea of Energy”. Putting pressure on this point helps in strengthening the abdominal muscles, which eventually help in overcoming lower back pains. 

  1. Knee

Also known as the “Commanding Middle” point, applying appropriate amounts of pressure on the knees help in fighting with lower back pains that may arise out of stiffness of the muscles or due to clinical problems like sciatica. There are two points of pressure that are available in the knee region to exert pressure on. 

  1. Hand

Sitting in one position for long hours due to a desk job or otherwise too can make the back muscles lose its elasticity and become stiff and rigid. To get over the pain emerging due to it on the lower back muscles, applying stern pressure on the acupressure points present on the hand plays a very crucial role. 

  1. Elbow

Massaging the elbow along with applying pressure on the acupressure points present on it can help get rid of all the muscle stress and stiffness. Exerting pressure on the points for not more than 20 to 30 seconds can show extremely effective results and overcome any unanticipated and sudden lower back pain. 

  1. Foot

The pressure point for getting relief from lower back pain in the area pertaining to the foot is located between the big toe and the second toe. Applying gentle pressure on this point, on both the legs, can provide comfort from lower back pains that may be a result of muscle injuries. Pressure must be applied in different intensities to get maximum relief and ease. 


Acupressure has been rooted in 2000 years old traditions and customs of Chinese Medicine. The process of applying or exerting pressure on certain focal points of the body has shown to have immense benefits for the overall well-being of a person. Other than relieving bodily pain, it helps to overcome cramps, deal with headaches and migraines, mitigate the risk of fatigue and nausea, helps in managing stress and tension, all while being self-administered.