top 10 meditation apps you’ve gotta try out – seriously

Below is a compilation of the top 10 meditation apps you’ve gotta try out. Meditation apps are a suitable alternative for people who have a rushed and hectic lifestyle but want to incorporate meditation into their daily routine. 

There are millions of applications available that illustrate the functioning, importance, and significance of meditation.

  1. Headspace

Recommended application for people looking to improve their concentration, improved focus, and a conscious way of living life. It helps in mitigating the risk of anxiety, depression, stress and other mental derangements, through its peculiarly designed mediation modules. 

top 10 meditation apps
  1. Calm

It is one of the best apps to go for if one is looking to improve their sleeping cycles while also keeping their mental well-being in check. It has sessions that are as short as 3 minutes to as long as 30 minutes. 

top 10 meditation apps
  1. Simple Habit

With 5 minute special plans and modules, Simple Habit has sessions that have been specifically designed to combat different issues. They can be easily accessed from anywhere, at any time. The modules act as an amazing stress buster. 

  1. Apollo Neuro

Apollo Neuro has specially curated modes for different modes. From meditation to recovery and relaxation to fixing sleeping patterns to increasing focus and improving concentration, this app has something to offer for everyone feeling out of the blue. 

  1. Declutter The Mind

Like the name of the app suggests, this app focuses on utilizing daily objectives and practices to declutter the mind, making it more healthy and flourishing. It comes with guided mediation modules for relieving stress, working better, and living healthier. 

  1. Insight Timer

With more than 25 thousand meditation videos and 5 thousand teachers for reaching out at any point in time, Insight Timer is a highly popular and in-demand application. Along with alleviating mental and physical issues, it keeps the body young and content. 

  1. Sattva

Sattva has a huge library of meditations, chants, songs, and activities based along the lines of meditation. People can connect with each other on this app and share their progress and activities with each other to keep themselves motivated. 

  1. Smiling Mind

Built by the best psychologists, the objective of this app is to help people live and practice a healthy and balanced life. The best thing about this app is that it can be easily accessed by children and youngsters. 

  1. Inscape

Inscape allows its users to relieve stress, improve their breathing cycle, and culminate their bodies to a point of relaxation and peace. It allows users to use journals to track their progress and improve their practice along the way. 

  1. YogaGlo

An online yoga teaching and meditation app that is great for beginners. It has short videos centric around Anapana and Samasthiti yoga asanas, made by yoga experts that can be practiced home for the daily dose of energy and vitality. 


It is imperative for one and all to inculcate some form of meditation in their daily schedule for their physical and mental well being. Most of the applications are available for absolutely free and can be availed for a calmer, composed, and better quality of life. Be sure to check out any of these top 10 meditation apps!