Top 5 Yoga Influencers on Instagram

Instagram is a great platform for up and coming yogis and yoga influencers to create a substantial follower base and motivate people towards practicing yoga and inculcating yoga in their daily lives. 

Here are a few top yoga influencers on Instagram to follow and get inspired by: 

  1. Ashley Galvin (@ashleygalvinyoga)

Based in California, Ashley Galvin is strong, has mettle, is flexible, and has a very engaging Instagram page based around yoga. Along with yoga, she also focuses on the nutritional benefits of food and how to live an active lifestyle. She talks about body empowerment and holds classes and workshops all around the world. She has various fitness series and programs that can be easily followed by everyone. 

  1. Melanie Iznaola (@traveling_yogigirl)

Melanie Iznaola, a former supermodel, runs the Instagram page by the name traveling yogi girl, which is an amalgamation of two of her favorite things in life, yoga, and traveling. She has more than 10 years of experience in the healthcare line and knows what she talks about. Her Instagram page encourages women to give priority to their health, become more self-aware about their bodies, and live a healthy, sustainable life. 

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Day four of #Aloboutlotus with #pigeonpose . Today I chose this open heart variation.. as I'm still working to open this pose more.. little by little.. it's all about the journey.. listening to our bodies and not forcing what isn't there yet.. be mindful not to force or pull on the knees and shoulders in this pose.. if you feel yourself rolling out of this pose it's always ok and a good idea to place a block or towel under the hip. . ✨Patience with small details makes perfect a large work, like the universe✨ . 🌼Lovely Hosts🌼 @erika_yoga_and_unicorns @sarka_yoga @skclay86 @yogi_liza @traveling_yogigirl @brandycepb . 🌻Wonderful Sponsors🌻 @aloyoga @alomoves . . 🌼Pose list: 1️⃣Baddha Konasana (butterfly)✨ 2️⃣Virsasana (hero’s pose)✨ 3️⃣Janu sirsasana (head to knee),✨ 4️⃣Pigeon✨ 5️⃣Ardha Matsyendrasana (Half lord of the fish) 6️⃣Double pigeon 7️⃣Gomukhasana (Cow face pose) 8️⃣ Any Ardha padamasana (Half lotus) 9️⃣Padamasana lotus seated 1️⃣0️⃣ Any lotus pose

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  1. Jessamyn Stanley (@mynameisjessamyn)

An advocate of body positivity, a fitness and yoga guru, and an inspiration to women of all sizes and shapes. Jessamyn Stanley propagates the idea of self-love and embracing beauty, to all women. She promotes ways of overcoming mental and emotional pressures and obstacles and lead a calm and composed life. Physical and mental well being is an essential topic of concern for her and she works towards removing that barrier for plus-size women of color from all across the globe. 

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I’m teaching a free live yoga class on @theunderbellyyoga this Saturday at 11am EST- we’re celebrating our first birthday and we’d love for you to be there. Bring your friends, bring your dog, bring your auntie who says she hates yoga, bring your preggo friend, bring your boyfriend who thinks yoga is only for girls, bring your coworker who thinks yoga is only for white people, bring your kid who is getting on your nerves bc y’all have spent more time together in the age of #covid than you have since they were living inside of you. Come one, come all, yoga is for everybody and it’s never too late to start ❤️ (FYI The class will be broadcast on @theunderbellyyoga AND @mynameisjessamyn and it is free99, no subscription required.) Photo by @nadyawasylko

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  1. Josh Kramer (@joshkrameryoga)

Josh Kramer is a yoga aficionado, based out of Hawaii. His style and method of promoting and instructing about yoga to his followers mainly revolve around Iyenger and Vinyasa forms. Josh had developed his love and passion for Yoga from New Zealand, where he grew up. He teaches methods of using the full-body strength to form refined yoga poses. He has various classes, programs, and modules available for people to follow online. 

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I’ve seen a mix of mindsets regarding this lockdown period with regards to how we should act, ways we should be thinking, pressure we should or shouldn’t place on ourselves. When it comes to most things in life, I tend to sit in the “no fluff” spectrum, so here are my thoughts. ____ Times are hard: really hard for some, indifferent for many, opportunistic for others. You are entitled to feel and act any way you please – you can feel overwhelmed and use this time to relax and pause. Who are we to judge. You can also use this time to hustle and create opportunities. To push through the struggle. That’s great too and it takes courage. ____ The hard truth is this: someone is hustling through the struggle and making big things happen. Regardless of whether you choose to sit back or not, someone will make the choice to create opportunities during this time against all adversity. The universe has shaken the world to a standstill. We may never have an opportunity such as this again to refocus and recalibrate. Make the most of it.

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  1. Lamise Mansur (@lamise)

Lamise Masur’s sophisticated, calm, and refined Instagram profile portrays her love for photography and yoga. A former ballerina and an all-time foodie, Lamise’s love for yoga began from the age of 9. She inspires to spread the message of self-love and appreciation through yoga and fitness. 


Yoga is for everyone, from every sphere of life, every age, and people from far and wide. Yoga has numerous physical and mental benefits to it due to which it has a positive impact on every practitioner. For a relaxed body, a peaceful and calm mind, and a quality life, yoga is the way to go.