What is Synergy Yoga

With an archaic, rich history, yoga is a celebrated form of art and practice that can be found in many notable traditions and cultures from far and wide. Yoga is done with the aim to introduce flexibility to the mind and the body. 

It makes headway for a developed brain that can be adapted to perform various activities and a body that can remain strong and flourished for a long, long time. Through regular yoga practice, a deep connection between the mind, the soul, the body, and the universe can be established. By becoming closer to nature and the attributes it has to offer, the body gets nourished, the brain gets developed and the passage of endless opportunities and new hope for life is found. 

Yoga translates to discipline or union. Therefore, it inculcates the art of discipline in a practitioner. It disciplines the mind and the body while forming a union with the universe. It enables the human soul to be satisfied and feel complacent with what they have and what they have achieved, however little it may be. 

Yoga is usually practiced through slow, steady, and controlled movements of the body. Various asanas, poses, and flowing sequences accompanied by breathing exercises and frequent mediation are practiced in yoga. These create a balance between all the essential components of the human body, creates harmony, and is an effective form of exercise to overcome various hassles of life. 

Yoga is a blissful route to enlightenment and spiritual awakening of the mind. Numerous types of yoga are available for a practitioner to observe. One of the most profound forms of yoga is Synergy yoga. 

After a certain point of time, yoga, like any other physical activity, can become mundane and uninteresting. To reap the maximum benefits of yoga, it is important to practice, teach, and preach it more like a necessity, than an activity. It is important to do it on a regular basis so that the body and the mind get used to it and evolves the senses to adapt to the new, profound, spiritual changes. 

Synergy yoga has been pioneered to keep in mind the hasty lifestyle of today’s generation and revamp the ancient methods of yoga to match the contemporary, present-day, modern lifestyle. 

It is made for the modern body, for the developed mind, and for the progressive souls. 

Synergy yoga is a pragmatic and dynamic form of yoga that suits the enthusiastic souls of today. It is quick, fun, and effective, because of which it is thoroughly enjoyed by a vast majority of people. It is a build-up of many exciting elements that aim at bringing joy and positivity to every sphere of life. 

One of the best attributes of synergy yoga is that it is accessible to everyone despite their age, gender, mental and health issues, and various other key factors. Although it has certain aspects that are challenging and are directed towards increasing strength, developing flexibility, making the body fit, and bringing clarity of thoughts, most parts of it are easy-to-understand and comprehensible. 

Synergy yoga paves the way for a compassionate, sensitive, empathic, and a charitable heart. With the sole motive of connecting the mind and the body to each other and various other divine universal elements, it is a responsive and fun way of fulfilling various psychological and physical needs of a human being. It gives birth to a new life full of energy, enthusiasm, the hunger to learn and develop, and with a divine force of energy. 

Synergy yoga is fashioned in a way where it is safe to be practiced by everyone. People can incorporate this form of practicing yoga to overcome obstacles in their life. It is a great form of art for people who have undergone major injuries and want to open to new pages of their life. The beginning of synergy yoga sessions is usually comprised of simpler, uncomplicated postures. 

While the session progresses, new, challenging, complex, and physically stimulating postures and asanas are introduced. However, anyone who has the right set of mind and vigor to prosper in the spiritual domain of their life would be able to get the better of every challenge thrown at them. 

The aspects of synergy yoga are based on the principles and disciplines of Hatha yoga. Hatha yoga is a general category under yoga, which includes all the styles of yoga. Usually, physical postures or Asanas and various other breathing exercises come under the ambit of Hatha Yoga. 

“Ha” representing the sun and “tha” representing the moon, signifies the union of the energies projected by these two entities. A set of hatha yoga typically involves pranayama or breathing techniques, asana or yoga postures, mudras or hand gestures, mantra or chanting of prayer or verse, and shatkarmas and shatkriyas or cleansing techniques. All these flow of exercises are performed with the purpose of creating a change in the practitioner. 

A change of heart for the better. A change of mind to encapsulate healthier and greater thoughts. A change of body to become fitter, feel younger, and lead a life of prosperity. 

The postures attained in Hatha yoga are generally very relaxed and moderate. It gives ample time for each and every muscle to open up. It develops the brain in the long run. It stretches each and every fiber in the body. It opens the mind to new dimensions. The restorative postures are easy to fathom, bring calmness to the mind, and creates a composed atmosphere. 

The sessions are usually upgraded and enhanced by using mellow incenses and by lighting lamps and creating a serene surrounding. Different types of distractions are kept at a bay. Usually, essential oils are used when the postures are accompanied with breathing exercises. This not only compels the mind to focus more on the asanas, but also makes the process easier and reaps many benefits. 

The fundamentals of synergy yoga are very easy and quick to learn. This allows practitioners to easily embrace it into their daily schedule by doing it from the comfort of their homes. People who want to take their sessions up by a notch and derive more benefits and do well out of their practice can reach out to various classes available, worldwide. Online video modules and tutorials can also be referred for the same. 

Benefits of Synergy Yoga

Being such an elaborate, yet an easy form of yoga, synergy yoga has many advantages to it, which makes it highly influential and adaptable. Here are some benefits offered by it that leads to the well-being of the practitioner: 

  • It builds a strong foundation of strength, power, control over the feelings and emotions, and induces flexibility of the body and mind. 
  • It covers almost all kinds of different postures and asanas. Each posture is designed to deliver some sort of benefit to each and every part of the human body. 
  • The union of the mind and the body that happens through it, makes the mind feel younger, instills compassion, love for other mankind, empathy and sensitivity towards others and oneself and prompts harmony and consonance between actions and beliefs. 
  • The body becomes aware of itself. It starts to understand and acknowledge its existence. It is made aware of not just itself, but also things around it which have the possibility to affect it, both positively and negatively. 
  • The immune system is strengthened. It prepares the system to fight off diseases, viruses, and other harmful external factors. 
  • The posture is perfected through yoga. A perfect posture is a major reason for self-confidence and prevents various neck, back, and joint-related problems. 
  • A well-balanced posture, partnered with the right set of breathing exercises can work in an exponential way to protect the spinal cord, improve the sterility of bones and cartilages, boost immunity, and increase the flow of blood in the body. 


From strengthening the core to building up muscles, to bringing clarity to the mind, to set the right intention for the well being of the body, yoga is one form of exercise that encompasses all things beneficial and important for the survival of mankind. 

It gives several experiences to the practitioner, both facile and complex. Its true beauty lies in the fact that it is made for everyone. No matter how injured, challenged or weary a person feels, yoga is a life-affirming practice that invokes an exhilarating feeling, even after a long, tiresome day. 

Yoga teaches you how to add more years to your life, how to listen to your body, and practice well-being and self-awareness.