What is White Tantric Yoga

The whole intention of establishing yoga in the first place and preserving its traditions for so many centuries is because it is one of the most conducive methods of maintaining a connection between the mind, the body, and the soul. 

The myriad of thoughts and emotions that cross our mind every day, tends to form a barrier within our own selves, making us feel disconnected from the world and eventually grinding us to a halt. 

When we disconnect from the world, from our surroundings, from facing our own feelings, we lose our core essence and get away from becoming what we actually deserve to become. 

We form pre-conceived notions of failure, develop constant doubt on ourselves, lack confidence and courage, become incapable of completing simple tasks, and gradually, lose the will to live. 

To stop ourselves from becoming the worst versions of ourselves, something that we may possibly dislike in the years to come, the route of yoga should be considered. 

It is not just a fuel for the body, but also a stimulus for the mind. It doesn’t just make our body flexible and healthier, it gives the same percentage of flexibility to our thoughts, to our feelings, and to our emotions.  

In yoga, there are various styles and schools that one can adapt to. Each serves its own purpose. One of the most prominent forms of yoga that can provide a transformative experience to the practitioner and give them the ability to open new opportunities and horizons for themselves is white tantric yoga. 

How to Practise White Tantric Yoga

By practicing tantric yoga, a very strong force is developed that helps in uplifting the energy of the practitioner. In white tantric yoga, a pair of practitioners are made to stand facing each other, with other pairs beside them. This gives birth to the energy which is diagonally shared and passed between them. A huge energy field is subsequently created that raises the level of consciousness. 

Each pair has to gaze into the eyes of their partner for alternating sets of two different durations. One set is for 31 minutes and the other is for 62 minutes. Between each set, a break of 30 minutes is provided. 

Different kundalini meditations, kriyas, and asanas are practiced to release the subconscious blocks and obstructions that exist within one’s mind and facilitate the healing of the mind and the soul. 

A practitioner must wear a white guise while practicing tantric yoga and it is essential to cover the hairline with a white piece of cloth like a turban or a beanie or a headscarf. 

How to Maximize Your White Tantric Yoga Experience 

White tantric is a fascination, life-changing experience. Its benefits are discovered throughout one’s life in many thresholds. It helps the mind in getting rid of all the musty thoughts that can potentially bog one down. It forms the genesis of self-awareness and personal freedom. 

A full state of silence prevails while practicing white tantric yoga. Pairs are made to sit in long lines, for several hours. Everyone is made to sit close to each other so that the maximum potential of energy can be drawn. Several challenging kriyas are thrown at them which must be executed with the intention to heal the soul and the mind. 

Deep connections with divine energies and forces are created. Prayers are done to acquire a deep connection with oneself and break through the multiple subconscious blocks. 

Top Books to Learn More About White Tantric Yoga

The best and most profound way of learning about a new form of yoga and its meditative practices is by resorting to reading books. Here are some of the most recommended books on white tantric yoga that will assist the yogis in having a life-altering experience. 

  1. Empath: A Complete Guide for Developing Your Gift and Finding Your Sense of Self

Author: Judy Dyer

Being an empath can be both a bane and a boon. There is a fine line between showing empathy to others and having self-love, which is essential to find. This book allows the empaths out there to have a go at caring and loving themselves a little more. They can learn how to overcome the weight of the world that is bestowed upon them. This book teaches them to fight off the feelings that may overcome their ability to show some care towards themselves. It teaches them to embrace themselves, which is the core value of white tantric yoga as well. 

  1. The Serpent Power: The Secrets of Tantric and Shaktic Yoga

Author: Arthur Avalon

Learn everything about Tantric yoga, and the secrets of the coiled serpent lying beneath our spinal cord. This book beautifully documents the essence of tantric yoga and shakti yoga in our lives. It covers philosophical and mythological aspects of tantric yoga and kundalini yoga. It talks about the divine force of kundalini awakening, and the role tantric yoga plays in teaching us how to embrace our lives. The true essence of kundalini yoga and tantric yoga has been captured in this book along with talking about the impact of the seven vital chakras. A must-read for beginners and professionals, both.

  1. Tantric Yoga: The Royal Path to Raising Kundalini Power

Author: Gavin Frost

This book teaches about the various methods and ways to reach spiritual awakening by understanding the core of tantric yoga. It throws light on the importance of tantric yoga and how it plays a huge role in attaining. self-actualization. The author, Gavin Frost, has coupled the topic of tantric yoga alongside the vitality of the seven chakras. Frost has provided ways of getting wisdom and knowledge through different forms of meditation as supported by tantric yoga. The book also guides the readers on how to activate their kundalini power and achieve a state of peace and consciousness. 

  1. Tantra Illuminated: The Philosophy, History, and Practice of a Timeless Tradition

Author: Christopher D. Wallis

This is a very well-put, informative guide on the aspects, teachings, and powers of tantric yoga. It begins by talking about the foundations of tantric yoga, and the significance it in various cultures and traditions around the world. It has also captured the ways through which it has been a beacon of hope and guidance for many lost souls. For anybody who is curious about the lineages of tantric yoga, ways on how to do it, techniques it involves, how beneficial it is for the long run and it acts as a spiritual path to self-realization should positively give a thorough read to this book.

  1. Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses (Spiritual Secrets of Ayurveda)

Author: Dr. David Frawley

This book traces back to the origin of tantric yoga. It talks about the essence of Hindu Tantrism and the reasons for its exponential growth and acceptance. When it comes to something as extensive as yoga practices, people tend to develop misconceptions. The author, through this book, has ensured that not everything appears as it seems. He has, in a very clear and lucid manner, explained each and every aspect about tantric yoga and has successfully cleared off many misconceptions. Along with tantric yoga, he has also introduced the topic of tantras and mantras and the worshipping of the divine energies and goddesses. 

  1. Tantra of the Yoga Sutras: Essential Wisdom for Living with Awareness and Grace

Author: Alan Finger

The major plot of this book is to make the readers aware of the importance of oneness or samadhi. The main purpose of this book is to ensure the yogis elevate their daily yoga schedule by incorporating sutras into their practice. This book is a must-read for practitioners who want to develop a new, and fresh perspective to their yoga practice and cultivate the importance of samadhi. This very well-articulated book simplifies the theory of personal development and how human psychology functions and thrives. 


White tantric yoga is a great route to overcome the issues of commitment, self-perseverance, compassion, and tolerance. It makes the foundation for a clear mind, devoid of thoughts that have the possibility to bring one down. It leads to forming better thoughts for better decisions. It validates the fact that when one can have a stronger and deeper connection with themselves, they can have a clearer mind, and develop a spiritual connection that can help to cleanse their system.