Why do Kundalini Yogis Wear White During Yoga?

One of the most fascinating and intriguing topics of conversation around Kundalini Yoga and their practitioners has been their all-white ensemble. 

Different colors in yoga have different spiritual connotations attached to it. The color of purity, white, is the most common color that yogis prefer to wear while meditating or practicing any form of yoga. 

White signifies cleanliness, serenity, wholeness, and over-all well being and positivity. As surprising as it may sound, colors tend to play a very significant role in our lives. It is a very profound way of representing different moods, emotions, and feelings that reside within our selves. 

In a Kundalini yoga session, the yogis are most likely to wear white clothing items, right from the head to the bottom, with the intention of promoting peace by creating power within the practitioners. 

An electromagnetic field of energy surrounds each practitioner that contains their thoughts, the emotions, and feelings that they dwell within themselves. So along with the blood and bone, very powerful energy exists outside one’s body, also known as their reflective aura. 

Just like white is considered as a reflector of all colors and can potentially be used to signify all the other colors, in the same way, wearing white allows one’s aura to be radiated back to their peers by at least one foot to two feet.

White color plays a huge role in the spiritual process of consciousness and enlightenment in a person. Being a neutral color, it expresses warmth, comfort, and adds to the reflective aura that everyone carries.   

White color is capable of projecting optimistic energies that help in inspiring and motivating others and can stimulate positivity, prosperity, and peace among oneself. White is a true representative of all the virtues that may exist in nature. It opens doors to new opportunities, to a powerful, new, dynamic dimension that is devoid of negativity and raises a sense of hope and faith. 

Essential Clothes for Kundalini Yogis 

To make the most of a Kundalini session and to respect the vitality of the practice, it is expected of each practitioner to dress up in white attire. Finding something that is comfortable, provides enough room for performing asanas and meditation and that adheres to the codes of Kundalini can be a demanding task. To make it easier, here is a list of few essentials that can be bought by novice and professional yogis to make their sessions worthwhile. 

  1. PIYOGA Women’s Wide Leg Palazzo Pants
  • These pants are made out of 100% pure quality rayon material.
  • The closure of the pants has an elastic fitting to it, making it very comfortable and stretchy. 
  • The pants are in a versatile size, both length and width wise and can easily fit different sized bodies. 
  • The material of the pant provides enough room for free movement. 
  • The ankle opening of the pants is elastic-free that makes the pants flowy, and suitable to wear under hot temperatures. 
  • Two pockets are provided that can be used for storing essential items while practicing yoga. 
  • The pants are capable to absorb moisture and swear, very quickly and effectively. 
  1. LARACE Womens Swing Tunic Tops
  • With a handkerchief hemline, a scoop neck design and short sleeves, these tunic tops are a favorite among many yogis. 
  • The flowy design of the top allows the yogi to do asanas and perform complex poses with the utmost comfort. 
  • The top is made out of 5% spandex and 95% rayon. The fabric combination makes it extremely flexible, stretchy, and fit to be worn in summers. 
  • These tops are machine washable and the material is neither too thick nor too thin.
  • They can be comfortably paired alongside leggings, pants, or any other comfortable pair of lowers. 
  • Available in other color options too. 
  1. PIYOGA Men’s Harem Pants
  • Perfect pants to have an intensive yoga session in. provides enough room for movement. 
  • The fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture. 
  • The waistband is made out of elastic for the maximum comfort and can fit multiple sizes. 
  • The pants come with two pockets for convenient storage of essentials. 
  • Along with the kundalini white color, these pants are available in other colors and prints for everyday wear. 
  • These pants are handmade and crafted in Bali with 100% authenticity. 
  • They are made out of top-grade rayon fabric that is extremely lightweight. 
  • The fabric of the pants makes it adaptable to withstand the hottest temperatures. 
  1. Minibee Women’s Top
  • Except for white, this Minibee top is available in various other exciting colors as well. 
  • The top is made out of 45% cotton and 55% linen. The fabric is breathable and easy to maintain and wash. 
  • The pull-on closure on the top makes it easy to wear and versatile. 
  • This top is suitable to be worn in both summers and springtime. 
  • With 3 embellished buttons and jacquard design, this top is a favorite amongst kundalini yogis. 
  • A wide option of sizes available, something for everyone. 
  • The material of the top is thin and stretchable. Great casual wear for daily purposes. 
  1. L’vow Women’ Soft Stretch Headband
  • A headband that covers the hairline is a must-wear for kundalini yogis and this headband affordably serves that purpose. 
  • It is versatile and can be worn in three ways- as a turban, as a scarf, and as a wrap. 
  • The stretchable knit fabric is easy to wear and doesn’t require a lot of effort. 
  • The cloth is large enough to cover the head and can be worn in multiple styles. 
  • The fabric is light and breathable and does not cause headaches even after worn for hours. 
  • Various other color options available as well. 
  • The headband has a length of 63 inches and a width of 32 inches. 
  1. Love Quality Men’s White T-Shirt
  • Made out of 100% high-quality, breathable cotton fabric. 
  • These t-shirts are one of the best in the market, appropriate to be worn for long hours, and perform complex asanas in.
  • The shirt feels extremely soft on the skin, does not cause irritation, and is light wear. 
  • This t-shirt can be worn while meditating, going to the beaches, or while performing yoga. 
  • The shape and style of the shirt are trendy, stylish, modern, and in vogue. 
  • Being incredibly affordable, this makes for a great gift option for fellow yogis and practitioners. 
  • Multiple sizes of the t-shirt are available so that something is available for each body type. 
  1. HOMELEX Head Wraps
  • This imported, best-selling headwrap is a must-have essential for all yogis practicing kundalini yoga. 
  • The stretchy material of the fabric makes it easily transformed into different shapes and designs. 
  • The wrap is big enough to accommodate differently sized heads while providing full coverage. 
  • Made out of polyester and microfibre, these wraps can be turned into headbands, bandana, turbans, and more. 
  • More color options are available to be worn for purposes other than kundalini yoga.
  • The wrap can be quickly tied without any clips or supporters and can be paired with any outfit.  
  • The fabric does not cause irritation or headache and can be worn for long hours.  
  1. PERSUN Women’s Turban Hat
  • Very comfortable and easy to wear, this turban hat is made out of polyester material. 
  • It can be worn to kundalini practices and other colors available to be worn for casual purposes. 
  • No lining is present on the turban, the material is incredibly light and soft. 
  • It is appropriate and suitable to be worn in both summers and winters. 
  • This stylish hat can be worn with any outfit. 
  • This turban fits perfectly on large-headed people with thick hair.
  • It covers the hairline and does not cause headaches. 
  • Receiving many good reviews, it is comfortable and can be worn during sleeping as well.


White is a powerful medium of connecting our soul and our self to the divine energies that are present around us. It paves a path of peacefulness, calm, and composure. For anyone who has decided to begin their paths of spirituality, white plays a major role to lead them to their path of success and attainment. 

White opens a doorway to endless possibilities. It gives courage to the practitioners to stay committed to their acts, to stay true to their practice, and to perform it to the best of their capabilities. 

Personal awareness is probably the most crucial factor that arises out of meditation and choosing a spiritual path. White creates a transition from a negative phase to a positive one. It reduces stress, anxiety, tension, and provides hope for a better, more fulfilling future.